IN-PART Webinar - Header Image - Increasing industry engagement

Webinar: Increasing industry engagement with new metrics and real-time analytics

26th March 2021
In our first webinar of 2021, we take a look at how universities can use data and metrics to boost industry engagement and inform commercialisation
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IN-PART Webinar - Best practices to engage researchers with commercialisation - Blog header

Webinar: Best practices to engage researchers with commercialisation and tech transfer

16th November 2020
A panel of technology transfer professionals discuss their best practices for engaging researchers with commercialisation
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What do R&D teams want - IN-PART Webinar - Blog header

Webinar: What do R&D teams want from universities?

29th September 2020
Three R&D thought-leaders share their approach to collaborating with universities and their motivations behind looking to academia for innovation
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Innovative university research - IN-PART Webinar - Blog header

Identifying the most innovative university research and expertise

3rd August 2020
An outline for companies of how to use our matchmaking platform and Discover service to identify innovative research and new partners
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Webinar 3 - Academic Researchers - IN-PART Blog - Header Image

An introduction to IN-PART for academic researchers

14th July 2020
An overview of the opportunities open to academic researchers looking to find new industry partners through our platform and Discover
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Maximise industry engagement - IN-PART Webinar - Blog header

How to maximise industry engagement

26th June 2020
Insights and best practices for technology transfer offices looking to maximise their industry engagement through IN-PART
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Technology disclosure - IN-PART Webinar - Blog Header

What do R&D teams need to see in a technology disclosure?

15th May 2020
In the first of our new webinar series, we take on the question of what R&D teams look for when evaluating technology disclosures
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