Healx launch rare and orphan disease research call for academics through IN-PART

Healx, the  AI-powered, patient-inspired biotech company, is using IN-PART’s Discover platform to identify new academic research that addresses rare or orphan diseases with current unmet medical needs. 

Building on the success of a previous Discover campaign in 2021, the academic alliance team at Healx is currently seeking therapeutic treatments for rare diseases (prevalence <5/10,000), including rare neurodevelopmental, neuromuscular, renal, liver, ophthalmology and bone conditions. 

Healx is eager to tap into the amazing rare disease research that is taking place at academic institutions across the globe. Collaborating with IN-PART enables us to quickly identify opportunities at over 1000 institutions, meaning we can continue to drive new therapies to rare disease patients.” – Bruce Bloom, Chief Collaboration Officer at Healx.

To reach Healx’s aim of rapidly turning research discoveries into treatments that benefit people with rare and orphan diseases, the company is actively looking for academic innovations that are at late preclinical and clinical stages. This includes reformulation and redevelopment of approved drugs, repositioned shelved assets that were discontinued for non-safety reasons, late-stage NCE candidates, or simple biologics (e.g., peptides). 

Academic researchers, technology transfer offices, spin-outs and industry engagement teams are invited to submit a short summary of relevant projects and assets to be reviewed by Healx’s academic alliance team. The deadline for submissions is Monday 6th June 2022.  Submissions should contain only non-confidential information and use the submission form to summarise the details of the project. More information about the campaign and the submission form can be found in Healx’s campaign brief.

Healx aims to quickly turn research into treatments that benefit the rare disease community.  For selected opportunities, Healx will manage the costs of clinical trials and regulatory submissions (subject to final deal terms).

Healx’s last Discover campaign resulted in the team at Healx initiating contact with 21 academics and institutes to explore and establish new research collaborations. 

We’re really happy to be working with Bruce and the Healx team again to drive new research and breakthroughs into their rare disease pipeline. Their last campaign gained international traction and surfaced over 50 unique therapeutic opportunities. It’s great to be able to help them create more academic partnerships and to make a difference for people suffering with rare diseases.” – Katie Syddall, Head of Industry Partnering at IN-PART.

Learn more about Healx’s requirements and submit your profile: https://discover.in-part.com/discovercalls/W9QqM7e5QRe2vp5l


Written by Fran Wilkinson. Edited by Alex Stockham.

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Who are Healx?

Healx is a mission-driven technology company pioneering the next wave of drug discovery in order to bring novel, effective treatments to rare disease patients around the world. There are 7,000 known rare diseases that affect 400 million people across the globe, but only 5% of those conditions have an approved treatment. By combining frontier AI technology with deep drug discovery and development expertise, Healx can accelerate the pace, increase the scale and improve the chance of success of rare disease treatment development in order to meet this huge unmet need and have an unprecedented patient impact.

Founded in Cambridge, UK, in 2014 by Dr Tim Guilliams (a Biochemical Engineer and tech entrepreneur) and Dr David Brown (co-inventor of Viagra and former Global Head of Drug Discovery at Roche), Healx has raised around $70 million to date, added over 20 projects to its risk-balanced therapeutic portfolio, and built a cross-functional team of over 110 tech and drug discovery experts.

What is Discover?

Discover is a bespoke scouting platform used by industry to find solutions and expertise from academia. With the aim of solving a technical requirement or challenge, Discover enables R&D and external innovation teams to identify new opportunities for commercialisation or to solicit proposals for new research, from a global academic network with embedded relationships across teams and departments in 1,500+ universities and institutes. 

Since 2018 Discover has made available over £26-million in industry funding for new academic research, and the platform has been used by teams in companies across a variety of disciplines, including Bayer Crop Science, Johnson & Johnson, Murata Manufacturing, Johnson Matthey, Air Products, GSK Consumer Healthcare, as well as medical research charities including Alzheimer’s Research UK and Kidney Research UK.


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