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Alex Stockham

Alex Stockham

Communications & Marketing Manager – IN-PART, London.

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Data insights: New submissions and technology updates

At the start of 2019, we looked at the impact of uploading new submissions to the platform and updating existing technologies with new data and developments.

In short, we found that updating and improving project summaries leads to renewed and sustained engagement. What’s more, universities that publish more technologies tend to receive higher levels of engagement from industry.

View these insights and others in our updates from January 2019 and February 2019.

IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 1
Figure 1: Contact requests for universities with new submissions in the last 6-months.
IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 2
Figure 2: Article reads and industry interactions for a 3D stem cell scaffold technology before and after an update.
IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 3
Figure 3: Article reads and industry interactions for a different cell scaffold technology without updates

Audience profile: Who uses IN-PART and what are they looking for?

To provide a clearer picture of our R&D user base, in May 2019 we profiled the sectors, interests and roles of our industry network.

Click through to the May 2019 update to view a sub-sector breakdown of the companies registered to the platform, along with a profile of the roles and job functions of our users and an insight into their interests from popular and unique search entries on the platform.

IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 2
Figure 4: Primary sectors of the companies registered to IN-PART.
IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 5
Figure 5: A breakdown of the specific focus areas of the companies registered to IN-PART

Matchmaking: How does our matchmaking work?

Over the summer, we revealed how we get your technologies on the desks of the most relevant R&D professionals in companies around the world. 

In June’s update, we outlined how we accurately match the specific research interests of each R&D user to the technologies on IN-PART. And in July’s update, we explained how you can influence this process by identifying target companies and prioritising your key technologies.

IN-PART Academic Community - Figure 1
Figure 6: An overview of IN-PART’s external outreach process.

Blogs & features

IN-PART Academic Community - Blog feature 1How do R&D teams evaluate new opportunities?

What do R&D teams look for in new academic partners? In this blog published in our April 2019 update, we put the question to our industry community.

Click through the read the article.

IN-PART Academic Community - Blog feature 2What’s the appetite for global collaboration?

In this blog published in our August 2019 update, we put forward the case for why universities shouldn’t be reluctant to establish international collaborations.

Click through the read the article.

IN-PART Academic Community - Blog feature 3Why should academics commercialise research?

Building on a keynote presentation at the University of Sheffield’s Engineering Symposium, IN-PART’s Communications Manager tackled the topic of why and how academics can ensure that their work has impact.

Click through the read the article.


If you have questions about IN-PART or our matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration, send a message to our universities team and they’ll get back in touch with the answers.

About IN-PART:

IN-PART is an online matchmaking platform that simplifies the initial connection between teams in academia and industry to help get breakthroughs out of the lab and onto the market.

Launched in 2014, we now work with 230+ universities and research institutes worldwide, strategically matching commercially-relevant academic research to R&D professionals from a network of 5,500+ innovation-driven companies.

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