IN-PART has been acquired by Inova, the leading biopharma partnering platform

Following the recent acquisition of European biotech news media Labiotech, Inova have now acquired IN-PART, a digital matchmaking platform dedicated to academia-industry collaboration. These strategic moves are consolidating Inova’s position as a leader and pioneer in the digitalization of the biopharma partnering space, made possible by the €60 million investment from global private equity firm Carlyle (NASDAQ: CG) and reaffirmation of a strong commitment by NextStage AM in 2021. 

Inova supports more than 160 global clients, including many of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, and is at the forefront of digital transformation in biopharma collaborations. Inova’s flagship product, Inova Partnering Platform, serves as a collaborative tool used to manage all potential partnerships related to outsourced innovation to pharma and biotechs, enabling customers to source leads, execute transactions, and manage alliances and virtual events.   

This acquisition is a major step forward for academia-industry partnering. While IN-PART will continue to service and expand its platforms for all research sectors, by joining forces with Inova, the company will gain access to Inova’s software infrastructure, as well as their market-leading teams in product and marketing. In turn, Inova clients will benefit from access to IN-PART’s search and discovery platforms, as well as leveraging best practice in matchmaking technology. By creating a stronger, more connected research ecosystem, this acquisition will ensure academic breakthroughs have an even greater impact on society.  

IN-PART develops curated digital solutions that drive impact from research by simplifying the initial connection between teams in academia and industry across all sectors. IN-PART’s matchmaking platform, Connect, is used by 250+ universities and research institutes to find new partners for commercialization in over 6,000 companies. And their bespoke scouting platform, Discover, is used by sector leaders to engage academics, TTOs, and research service departments in over 1,500 institutes with specific R&D challenges or requirements.  

“The Inova team is growing with talents and resources that are taking life science partnering to the next level. There is a growing consensus in the biopharma partnering world that academia is the next game-changer. However, our customers often report how difficult it is to navigate the extensive science produced by university groups. IN-PART has built an impressive digital solution to tackle this exact challenge and by acquiring them, we are now bringing our mission full-circle and including academia in the next-gen partnering world. Together, we’re helping untapped science reach the market through smart partnering.”  Gilles Toulemonde, Founder and CEO of Inova  

“In Inova, we’ve found a great strategic fit across our technology base and close alignment in terms of company values and culture. It will give us access to a lot more resources and expertise for IN-PART to accelerate its growth and achieve its vision of connecting the academia-industry ecosystem, across all the research fields and sectors we work with. It’s a big moment for us and we’re looking forward to the next part of our journey with the amazing team at Inova.” – Patrick Speedie, Co-founder and Director of IN-PART. 

“It was clear from the start with Inova that there was synergy between our vision and approach. Inova provides clients with sector-leading partnering software that fits perfectly with our matchmaking platform and search solution, Discover. The union of our companies, along with the exchange of expertise and technology across our teams will allow us to accelerate the pace at which we’re helping to surface the next generation of treatments and technologies.” – Robin Knight, Co-founder and Director of IN-PART. 


On the 2nd of March 2022 at 4pm GMT, IN-PART’s Founders and Inova’s Chief Strategy Officer will be hosting a live Q&A webinar to overview details of the acqusition and to take questions from their respective communities. Register to attend.


About Inova  

Inova is a cloud-based solution aimed at helping life science companies locate and manage their biopharma opportunities more efficiently. It offers a platform for partnering events, secure licensing and collaboration opportunities, and successful deal-making and alliance management. Inova has over 125 employees and is headquartered in Lyon, France, with offices in New York, Denver, and Tokyo. Further information is available at Follow Inova on LinkedIn and Twitter  

About  IN-PART 

IN-PART provides digital matchmaking platforms for teams in academia and industry striving for greater positive impact through collaboration. Launched in 2014, IN-PART has offices in Sheffield and London, with a team of 50 employees, primarily from STEM backgrounds, who manage and curate their platforms. Further information is available at Follow IN-PART on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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IN-PART has been acquired by Inova - IN-PART blog announcement

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