Takeda launch five RFPs with Discover to fund new academic research

The Open Innovation team at Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. have launched five requests for proposals (RFP) campaigns seeking new academic research that addresses their current R&D challenges in neuroscience, immunology, rare diseases, platform technologies and safety research, with up to €70,000 or AU$100,000 funding available for each successful proposal.

Takeda’s Open Innovation team wish to specifically receive proposals from academic teams working in European and Australian institutes, covering one-year projects.

Takeda’s requests for proposals (RFP) are being run on IN-PART’s Discover platform, a free-to-use system for academics and research support teams at more than 1,300 institutes worldwide.

“Having worked with the open innovation team at Takeda previously via Discover, we’re excited for our network to engage with their latest funding initiative. This is an opportunity for academic teams to not only receive industry funding but also a chance to develop a relationship with a leading life science company”, said Dr Robin Knight, IN-PART co-founder.

A detailed outline of Takeda’s RFPs and how to submit proposals can be found on IN-PART’s Discover platform.


About IN-PART:

To help get discoveries and breakthroughs out of the lab and onto the market, we’ve simplified the initial connection between academia and industry through two solutions:

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Discover, a bespoke scouting service for open innovation.

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