Now on the University Dashboard: Industry Calls for Opportunities from Discover

After successfully beta-testing IN-PART: Discover (our new global technology & research scouting tool for companies), we’ve worked hard to turn it into an efficient and scalable service. Today marks a milestone in our development of Discover, and we are happy to announce the launch of a dedicated dashboard for our university subscribers to access each Industry Call for Opportunities from our commissioning corporate partners.

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The latest Industry Calls for Opportunities from Discover, now in your dashboard

Discover is a proactive opportunity search that allows companies to leverage IN-PART’s unique and established academic networks, and our knowledge of university research, to find collaboration opportunities before anyone else. A Discover campaign starts with IN-PART working closely with a company to identify their specific R&D requirements, summarising them in an Industry Call for Opportunities (ICO).

One of the primary goals of Discover is to reach out to as many world-class research institutions as there are relevant to a specific ICO, both within and beyond our existing network. Browsing Discover campaigns and keeping abreast with the latest industry projects will now be even easier for the universities who use IN-PART’s matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration.

From today, we will publish all Industry Calls for Opportunities directly in the IN-PART university dashboard and broadcast the details of the latest industry requirements directly to our university subscribers via a brief email summary of new and ongoing campaigns.

Now on the University Dashboard: Industry Calls for Opportunities from Discover

Submit responses to Discover Industry Calls for Opportunities with a few clicks

Is your institution working on something relevant to one of our ongoing Discover campaigns? You’ll now be able to submit your response directly through your dashboard.

You can reply to any open Discover campaign simply by providing us with the details of any technology, academic expert, centre of excellence, research project, or spin-out company that could be of interest to the company commissioning the campaign.

Now on the University Dashboard: Industry Calls for Opportunities from Discover

Should one of the technologies that you have already published on IN-PART match the requirements of a campaign, we have made it easy for you to attach it to your Discover responses, in just a few clicks:

Now on the University Dashboard: Industry Calls for Opportunities from Discover


Let us get the conversation started with industry

We only publish Discover campaigns for a limited time (usually around six weeks). During this time you’ll be able to edit the details of your response. When the campaign comes to a close, we will compile the details of the opportunities sent through the dashboard into a bespoke and actionable report for the company. We will then take care of setting up personal introductions for the relevant opportunities.

IN-PART Discover Industrial Calls for Opportunities Closing Soon


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