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Top tips for engaging academics with industry collaboration

16th November 2020
A quick read of the key actions tech transfer professionals can take for engaging academics with industry collaboration
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What do R&D teams want from universities?

15th October 2020
A summary of the key-take home messages from our webinar panel discussion on what R&D teams want from universities
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What do R&D teams need to see in a technology disclosure?

15th May 2020
In the first of our new webinar series, we take on the question of what R&D teams look for when evaluating technology disclosures
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Untapped sources of innovation

3rd February 2020
When it comes to finding the best partners for collaborative R&D, companies relying on established academic networks are missing out on overlooked sources of innovation
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Turning introductions into successful university-industry partnerships

29th November 2019
From an the early conversation to formalising agreements, we spoke with two tech transfer professionals to ask how they initiate new university-industry partnerships
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Why (and how) should academics commercialise research?

21st November 2019
Why commercialise research? In short, it can advance discovery in ways that individual academics can’t alone
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KiwiNet Q&A: Technology transfer in New Zealand

11th November 2019
To get a better understanding of technology transfer in New Zealand, we spoke with KiwiNet about their approach to collaborating with industry
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Communicating science to industry: How to write an effective technology disclosure

1st November 2019
Communicating science to industry: Successful commercialisation depends on delivering all the relevant information in an engaging way
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How do R&D teams evaluate new opportunities?

7th May 2019
We spoke with our industry community to find some answers: How do companies evaluate innovation from academia?
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The Intellectual Property Office (IPO): Helping Universities and Businesses Manage IP with Confidence

17th July 2017
Guest Article: Liam Hynes, Head of Innovation Policy at the UK Intellectual Property Office
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Nanotechnology, IP & University-Industry Collaboration: Trends and Best Practices

13th June 2017
Guest Article: Kevin Hanson, Solicitor and Managing Patent Attorney at Stratagem IPM Ltd, Cambridge, UK.
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A Guide to IP Creation, Exchange and Ownership in University-Industry Collaborations

17th January 2017
Guest Article: Dr Barbara Rigby & Phillip Price, UK & European Patent Attorneys at Dehns.
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IN-PART’s Matchmaking Platform for University-Industry Collaboration: A 5-Step Guide

10th November 2016
A general how-to and why of IN-PART's matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration.
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Innovation is a Numbers Game, So Make Sure You Choose Wisely

13th June 2016
IN-PART's new Head of Growth shares insights from his experience leading R&D programmes in government, industry and university
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