Build strong, lasting relationships

Being introduced to the right industry partner, or gaining their feedback, helps university teams find more effective routes to commercialisation.

We personally approve each industry professional that uses our platform to ensure that every introduction we provide is meaningful and productive.

An intelligent matchmaking platform

Our unique and powerful algorithms will introduce you to more potential industry partners than ever before.

Since IN-PART launched in 2014, we have initiated over 10,000 new conversations between universities and our growing network of industry R&D professionals.

Impact metrics

Our purpose-built analytics software provides valuable data to evaluate the potential impact of your research.

Gaining qualitative feedback directly from industry decision-makers increases the potential for your technology to be commercialised by informing better decisions.

IN-PART is our gateway to the universe of industry collaborations, a valuable partner whose contribution goes beyond marketing and facilitating discussions with the right people in industry. IN-PART brings results and has become our strategic (plus not to mention fun) friend on the road of transferring new technologies to the development stage, which is an important step towards the improvement of our overall health and well-being.

Tatiana Venkova, Licensing Associate
Fox Chase Cancer Centre

IN-PART is the best platform we’ve ever worked with! We’ve been subscribed since the start of 2018, and have received a range of useful introductions and feedback for our technologies from relevant companies in Europe and beyond.

Helga Kroschewski, Deputy Head of Technology Transfer
Medical University of Vienna

In the first month of using IN-PART, we have received interest from senior R&D contacts at two world leading Pharmaceutical companies regarding one of our technologies posted. Discussions have taken place with one of the companies which will be followed by interaction with a relevant technical contact under CDA… We’ve been impressed by the seniority and relevance of introductions we’ve received via IN-PART and the outlook for tangible benefit from these contacts looks extremely positive.

Sonia Nikolovski, IP Development and Partnering Manager
University of Manchester Intellectual Property

The Technology Development and Commercialization Office at the University Health Network, which is the largest research hospital in Canada, has particularly enjoyed working with IN-PART and its various services and platforms. In the short 6 months, we’ve not only seen traction on a number of key technologies from industry, but also have valued the interaction with IN-PART’s team. Sarah and the whole IN-PART team have been professional, provided timely and impeccable responses to various challenges, connected us to several potential licensees and made us feel like the IN-PART team was just in the next office.

Al-Karim Rehemtula, Marketing and Special Projects Manager
University Health Network

Cambridge Enterprise (the commercialisation office of the University of Cambridge) was introduced through IN-PART to a company with a specific problem that could potentially be addressed by one of our posted technologies, being commercialised through a spin-out. CE would not have identified the opportunity to collaborate with the company without the introduction from IN-PART – the technology has many possible uses and it can be difficult for a tech transfer office to find good contacts in these cases

Charlanne Ward, Commercialisation Manager - Physical Sciences
Cambridge Enterprise

IN-PART is a great service with much to offer. Not only have we received numerous inquiries from high level contacts allowing us to grow our own database, we have learned a lot about industry interest from Impact Reports and discussions with new contacts. In addition to gaining potential licensees, our subscription has even led to a sponsored research agreement proving the invaluable service of IN-PART.

Lauren Dobis, Marketing Manager
University of California, Santa Barbara

This was a completely new interaction and one that would not have occurred without our project summary being present on IN-PART. It began by an overarching conversation with the Business Development and partnering team, which then moved initially on to non-confidential discussions with the academic. Axol worked with their marketing team to scout interest in this product and this was followed up by a meeting in person under CDA to discuss board project proposals.

Dr Siobhan Dennis, Industry Partnerships Manager - Medical Sciences
Oxford University Innovation

IN-PART helped us to make a connection with a large pharmaceutical company, in order to discuss a potential collaboration around a unique drug screening platform. (...) From [our] discussions came several action items and we are very excited about the potential of forming a long term, impactful relationship with the company. IN-PART was critical in helping to connect us with the key people to discuss potential collaborations.

Mark Saulich, Senior Research Manager
Center for Research Innovation at Northeastern University

Working with IN-PART has been wholly positive, with access to a broad range of high-level decision makers searching for new partnering opportunities. Likewise, having a reliable contact within IN-PART has made our interaction with industry even easier.

Averil Horton, Head of Business Development and Innovation
Brunel University

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