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We help companies to

Gain a competitive advantage by identifying cutting-edge innovation and expertise from universities and institutes worldwide.

  • Connect with teams actively looking for industry partners
  • Benefit from the latest academic breakthroughs
  • Spend less time on outreach through scalable scouting

How companies engage through IN-PART

Get matched to new opportunities through Connect for free

Create an interests profile and review matches from 250+ subscribed institutes across all sectors and development stages.

  • Saved searches and filters
  • Weekly alerts with recommendations from our team
  • Only active, available and up-to-date opportunities

Extend your reach through Discover

Proactively engage an embedded network of academics and commercialisation teams in 2,400+ institutes with requirements or requests for proposals.

  • An in-house team of STEM experts working for you
  • Identify technologies, research, expertise, centres of excellence, and spin-outs
  • Undisclosed opportunities and unpublished research

Start new conversations with academic teams

We introduce you directly to the team behind each project.

  • Completely free with no associated costs
  • Trusted, secure, and confidential
  • A direct line to new partners

Create impact with us

Identify opportunities aligned to your priorities

Build connections with institutes worldwide

Drive forward your pipeline with the latest breakthroughs

We help companies create impact

Matching industry decision-makers with the brightest minds in academia to solve real-world problems.

Active Connect Technologies

A multi-functional, recombinant fusion protein of skin-homing peptide and therapeutic molecule, decorin

Using additive manufacturing to produce multilayered bacterial structures that can tolerate harsh chemical treatments.

A structural antenna design fabricated from carbon fiber material with promising antenna performance

& Capabilities
Engage with 7,000+ available technologies from over 250 institutes currently seeking industry partners ticktick
A personalised feed and email alerts with opportunities matched to your interests ticktick
Personal recommendations from our in-house STEM experts (the more you engage, the more you get) ticktick
Identify new and undisclosed research, technology, expertise, centres of excellence, and spin-outs based on your bespoke requirements tick
Proactive engagement of academics, TTOs, and research support offices in 2,500+ universities and research institutes tick
Run RFP funding calls managed by IN-PART, to generate bespoke proposals from academic researchers tick
Delivery of a report and actionable collaboration opportunities from a global landscape tick

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What our customers say

“I enjoy using IN-PART to easily access academic research from universities across the globe. Different to other providers, IN-PART offers personalised services to screen for early-stage innovation, specific to our research requirements, at a large number of associated universities! And amazingly, they do this free of charge.”

“I really like IN-PART for two reasons. It’s easy to enter, navigate and filter however you want. Secondly, they are consistent, responsive, and they really care what you are looking for and what you need.”

"[IN-PART] has clearly been designed to aid developers and industry to find each other simply without any restrictions or hidden costs. I would like to thank the IN-PART team for the service and will continue to consider technologies forward for our review."

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