To help get discoveries and breakthroughs out of the lab and onto the market, we’ve simplified the initial connection between academia and industry. We do this in two ways:

IN-PART, an online matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration.

250+ universities and research institutes from around the world currently showcase their research and innovation on IN-PART to find new collaboration partners in industry. R&D teams get free access to the platform (create an account here). There are no hidden costs and we don’t claim downstream fees.

Discover, a bespoke scouting service for open innovation.

Through Discover, corporate R&D teams can leverage our extended academic network, which reaches multiple teams across 1,200+ universities and research institutes worldwide. In response to a specific research requirement or challenge, Discover enables R&D teams to identify new opportunities for commercialisation or to solicit proposals for new research.

On IN-PART, universities and research institutes publish breakthrough academic research that has been identified to have commercial relevance and social impact. Each innovation is presented in a short article that contains an overview of the research and details of the commercial opportunity. The university behind each innovation is actively seeking an industry partner to commercialise the technology or collaborate with the research.

Each of the articles on IN-PART has a facility to request more information, connect with the university, or submit feedback as to why the technology might not be viable – with no obligations or costs payable to IN-PART at any time.

There are currently 6,000+ live opportunities on the platform, published by 250+ universities and research institutes from across 6 continents. This includes, from Europe (Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Leiden, Lund, Ghent, Max Planck, CERN, and many more), from North America (MIT, Princeton, UPenn, Columbia, Cornell, WARF, University Health Network, and WORLDiscoveries), from Asia (The University of Hong Kong, CityU, HKUST, Osaka, Nagoya, and others), from Australia (ANU, Queensland, Monash, UWA and more) as well as institutes in New Zealand, Israel, Egypt, South Africa and South America.

The opportunities on the platform range from early-stage projects looking for co-development partners to technology ready for licensing. They are not trawled from university websites or patent databases; each opportunity has been curated by the university and quality-controlled by IN-PART, with the key academics behind the innovation actively interested in working with industry.

Universities possess a wealth of expertise and are a prime source of innovative technology. Researchers are increasingly active in interacting with businesses, meaning there is a willingness to collaborate earlier in the commercialisation process, to gain feedback from an industry perspective, and to seek partners for already-developed academic research.

We do not define what the outcomes should be from an introduction made via IN-PART. As a result, the diversity of outcomes is wide-ranging. Some collaborations we see on a regular basis are:

  • Licensing of intellectual property (IP)
  • Co-development of IP – validation, screening, testing, up-scaling
  • Strategic partnerships – long-term collaborations
  • Grant funding applications for joint research projects
  • Materials Transfer Agreements (MTA)
  • Consultancy
  • Secondments (industry to academia and vice versa)
  • Sponsored projects, MSc, PhD or Post Docs

There are no costs associated with submitting questions and requests to connect with universities, and no downstream success fees are claimed from successful collaborations.

There are three primary ways in which you can connect with universities and their research through IN-PART:

  • Send a question to the university about the technology
  • Request additional information: data, proof-of-concept, feasibility studies, clinical testing
  • Request an introduction to the technology transfer office (TTO) with a view to speaking with the academics

All of this can be done via IN-PART’s matchmaking platform, and our Community Engagement team will ensure that the associated university responds to each of your requests promptly.

You can also leave feedback on a technology. This is extremely valuable to our university partners who use such information to inform their commercialisation strategies. It’s a means by which industry can help guide the development of academic research.

Finally, a ‘send to colleague’ feature embedded within each article makes it easy to share technologies with your colleagues internally and externally.

Registration to IN-PART for companies is free. There is no limit to the number of connections you can make with universities through the platform or to the number of colleagues that you can share projects with.

Innovations can be searched for by keyword, filtered by sector area, or profiled by university. We encourage all users to share any specific research interests with a member of IN-PART’s community engagement team. These interest criteria are then stored confidentially to your profile and are used to inform our matchmaking algorithms, to ensure that you are alerted to the most relevant opportunities.

Every alert we generate is personalised to each member of the community and comes from a real person in the IN-PART team.

Alongside IN-PART’s core matchmaking platform, we also offer IN-PART: Discover, a premium scouting service for R&D professionals. Through Discover, companies can commission IN-PART to conduct a global opportunities search in a particular area of interest. We reach out on behalf of our clients and proactively take their requirements to universities in our network and beyond. With Discover we identify research projects, academics, spin-outs, centres of excellence, and technologies that match our client’s brief, and compile them into a bespoke, interactive report.

To find out more check out the IN-PART: Discover page or get in touch to request a demo.

For universities looking to learn more about our submissions process for Discover Industry Calls for Opportunities (ICOs), our FAQs for University Teams should have all the answers.

Your personal information (name, contact details, and research interests) is kept strictly confidential at all times. Upon requesting to connect with a university, your details will be passed to the relevant institution so that you can be contacted directly with the additional information requested. Your personal information will not be shared with any external partners.

To ensure that our community is relevant and each connection we make is meaningful for the purpose of commercialising university research, we maintain the platform as a ‘closed-loop’ system. This means that not just anyone can access IN-PART.

As a result, we reserve access to individuals working in companies who are capable of directly commercialising university research, or initiating long-term collaborations. We do not permit access to consultants, legal professionals, public users, or third-party service providers.

For verification, this requires registration with a company-domain email address. (This takes less than a minute — Register here!)

Our Community Engagement team reviews each registration and promptly approves those relevant for access.