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  • Assess performance through analytics and metrics

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Active Connect Technologies

High pressure jet processing modifies the physical structure and functional properties of milk proteins to create clean label food products

Natural anti-oxidants from a plant species increased anti-oxidant activity in low moisture foods and extended shelf life.

A proprietary platform called “Neo-T” allowing the use of mutant neoantigens from an individual’s own cancer cells as a target…

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"IN-PART is the best platform we've ever worked with! We've been subscribed since the start of 2018, and have received a range of useful introductions and feedback for our technologies from relevant companies in Europe and beyond."

“The analytical tools in our University Dashboard and Impact Reports give us further insight on how our technologies are doing and the ability to assess whether we are presenting them in the right manner. Without IN-PART, we would not have the information to make such comparisons on our technologies..."

“You have been a real joy to work with, and IN-PART offers a really brilliant service. It’s been a real privilege to see how much your team, offerings and network has grown over the time ANU has been onboard.”

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