New IN-PART global challenge tackles the plastic pollution crisis with sustainable solutions from academia

IN-PART has launched a new global challenge campaign to help mobilise the academia-industry ecosystem. The main goal is to address the issues around developing sustainable plastics, polymers and alternatives.

IN-PART is inviting universities, research institutes and academics to submit commercialisation opportunities covering these areas, with the aim of supporting companies working towards a circular economy for plastics and greener manufacturing processes. 

The pandemic has highlighted the role university-industry collaboration has to play in addressing global challenges. Building on work from previous campaigns addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, IN-PART is seeking innovation and technologies from academics and university research commercialisation professionals developing new methods for plastics and polymer production from renewable and sustainable sources and embedding better end-of-life solutions.

The projects submitted by academics and institutes will be proactively disseminated to a network of industry decision-makers, which includes leading plastics, chemicals and packaging companies, who will be reviewing submissions related to their key R&D focus areas, including stabilisation of biopolymers, oxo-biodegradable plastics and packaging alternatives.

As a versatile and highly durable material, plastics have completely revolutionised many sectors, but they have a widespread, negative impact on the environment. Their production requires non-renewable fossil fuels and releases a large proportion of our carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, their disposal is another major issue due to their long natural breakdown periods and the chemicals they release into the environment. 

“We want to support our university-industry community in any way we can,” outlined Robin Knight, co-founder of IN-PART, “and our global challenge campaigns mean we can leverage our platforms and community to help tackle major international issues through research and innovation”.

By developing digital solutions curated and managed by in-house STEM experts, IN-PART aims to simplify the initial connection between the right people in academia and industry, starting meaningful conversations that help to drive impact from research through collaborative development and commercialisation.



IN-PART develops digital solutions, curated by in-house STEM experts, that simplify the initial connection between decision-makers in academia and industry. Their goal is to help drive impact from research by matching innovation and expertise on a level playing field globally. Since their first platform launched in 2014, IN-PART have initiated over 10,000 new conversations between teams in academia and industry, and made available £26million in industry funding for new research through their Discover platform. 


Written by Fran Wilkinson. Edited by Alex Stockham.

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