With the aim of accelerating the development of new solutions and treatments to positively impact patients in the short, medium and long term, we invite any researchers or university administrators who are working directly or indirectly to combat COVID-19 to share non-confidential details of their work. We will then disseminate it to our global industry network, which contains R&D teams in over 6,000 companies and the majority of the top-100 pharma and biotech firms, and organise the introductions with R&D teams working in that area.

COVID-19 call for research: what research are we looking for?

The research or technology could be anything directly (e.g. therapeutics, prophylactics, anti-viral drugs, etc.) or indirectly (e.g. protective equipment, diagnostics, respiratory care, etc.) addressing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus or the treatment of COVID-19.

How to submit a summary of your work:

This call is not exclusive to institutes subscribed to IN-PART.

If your institute is subscribed to IN-PART, you can upload information through your dashboard:

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Otherwise, please outline your project or technology in the submission form linked to below and send it to discover@in-part.co.uk.

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Further information about the submission and dissemination process is provided in the submission form, but if you have any questions please outline them here and our team will get back to you.

A few important details:

If you know about any teams or academics in other universities or institutes working on COVID-19, please forward on this blog and ask them to get in touch.

  • We offer the full support of our team to review/draft and personally disseminate COVID-19 research to relevant individuals across our industry network
  • This does not require a subscription to our platform
  • Any information sent to us should be non-confidential

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About IN-PART:

To help get discoveries and breakthroughs out of the lab and onto the market, we’ve simplified the initial connection between academia and industry through two solutions:

IN-PART, an online matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration.

250+ universities and research institutes around the world currently showcase their research and innovation on IN-PART to find new collaboration partners in industry. R&D teams get free access to the platform (create an account here). There are no hidden costs and we don’t claim downstream fees.

Discover, a bespoke scouting service for open innovation.

Through Discover, corporate R&D teams can leverage our extended academic network, which reaches multiple teams across 1,200+ universities and research institutes worldwide. In response to a specific research requirement or challenge, Discover enables R&D teams to identify new opportunities for commercialisation or to solicit proposals for new research.

Blog: ‘COVID-19 call for research: Calling all universities, institutes and academic researchers’

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