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Through our Global Challenge programme, our aim is to mobilise the academia-industry ecosystem to address a global health or sustainability issue with a clear demand from industry for technical solutions. Following successful campaigns on water pollution, sustainable plastics, the microbiome, and Covid-19, we are now turning our attention to immuno-oncology research. 

Through this campaign, we aim to start meaningful conversations that support the development and deployment of new, improved, and more effective immuno-oncology interventions that ensure greater quality of life for cancer patients across the globe. 


How does the campaign work?

As part of this campaign, we are inviting our global academic network (which has embedded relationships at 2,600+ universities and research institutes) to share details of their latest commercial-facing research, innovations, and assets investigating new and existing immunotherapies and solid tumour microenvironments, to be shared with industry teams working on aligned solutions and products. 

All of the opportunities submitted to our Global Challenge campaign will be hosted on our online partnering platform, Connect. Behind every opportunity is an academic team actively looking to start new industry partnerships to help progress, develop and commercialise their work.

Connect is completely free for companies to join to review the latest commercial-facing research and technologies. We don’t take finders fees or success fees, and the conversations started through this campaign and our platforms are hosted exclusively between you and the team behind the project.

Meet our new academic campaign partners

For the first time in our Global Challenge programme, we are partnering with academic institutes to provide a unique academic pull mechanism to drive innovation into R&D. For this campaign, we are working with two of the world’s leading cancer research institutes, the National Cancer Institute (USA) and The Institute of Cancer Research (UK). As academic partners for the Global Challenge, these institutes will be sharing a curated portfolio of cutting-edge technologies from world-leading academics at their respective institutes who are actively searching for industry partners. View their assets and partnering opportunities in the following shareable one-page PDFs:

Want to request an introduction with our academic partners? At the end of February, leading academics from each institute shared their research priorities and an overview of their latest tech portfolios via our partnering events with academia, as part of our Virtual Series, which ran alongside the Global Challenge campaign.


How to engage with immuno-oncology research submitted to the campaign:

The campaign will be open to academic submissions from Tuesday 31st January 2023, and the deadline for submissions is Tuesday 14th March 2023.

Let us know your search requirements

If you or your team are looking to identify new advances or assets in immuno-oncology, let us know and our Global Challenge team will ensure you are sent a curated list of the most relevant opportunities submitted to the campaign. 

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By completing this form, your R&D needs and priorities will be proactively disseminated to our extended academic network as a shareable PDF document.


If you already have an account on IN-PART’s partnering platform, Connect:

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We expect opportunities to be live on Connect from w/c 6th February 2023.


If you’re new to our partnering network and challenge campaigns:

Set up an account (this takes less than a minute) and follow the ‘view the submissions’ button above to view the opportunities on our platform:

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Alternatively… you can view the full open listing of submissions made to the campaign in our open research directory (updated weekly from the w/c 20th February 2023):

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Get personal recommendations from our in-house STEM team with opportunities aligned with your interests:

Use the form to let us know the technical challenges and requirements within your innovation roadmap or R&D pipeline focused on immuno-oncology research, and our team will make sure that you are sent all the projects we receive that align with those requirements.

You can also update your interest profile within the platform to receive alerts with new opportunities throughout the campaign (and after!) that align with your interests and priorities.


Why are we running this Global Challenge campaign?

Emerging as a response to the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, our Global Challenge programme works to leverage our two partnering platforms, Connect and Discover, to accelerate technical solutions to society’s greatest health and environmental challenges. 

We know from speaking with our extensive pharma and biotech R&D networks (which includes 2,000+ companies and 24/25 of the top R&D-spending life science firms), and from monitoring their activity on our matchmaking platforms, that there is still a clear unmet demand for academic innovations in immuno-oncology.

With new cancer cases expected to rise by 47% from 2020 to 2040 across the globe, developing and distributing effective and safe cancer therapies is an urgent global challenge requiring extensive R&D efforts.

Immuno-oncology is an established market for biopharma. However, we see in the activity on our platforms that there are still many new connections to be made and innovations to be uncovered, with new research steadily coming through from academic institutes, and Discover campaigns being run by industry leaders to find the latest breakthroughs.

Over the last decade, immunotherapy has become a game changer for treating cancer. It has been one of the most important areas of cancer research in recent years, with numerous breakthrough therapies coming to market. However, there are still significant technical R&D challenges towards making effective immunotherapies that are safe and accessible to patients who need them. 

Therefore, this next campaign will be seeking solutions to treat solid tumour cancers, by surfacing the next generation of academic immuno-oncology research and delivering these to companies working on aligned solutions.

If you have questions or want to know more about this campaign, please share your queries to and a member of our Global Challenge team will get back to you promptly.


Campaign partners

This campaign is being run with support from: is the leading digital media covering the global biotech industry. Over 150,000 monthly visitors use it to keep an eye on the business and innovations in biotechnology. Learn more.

ASTP are Europe’s premier association of knowledge transfer professionals whose work aims to improve the quality of impact that public research has on the economy and society. Learn more.

PraxisAuril are a world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange practitioners, whose network includes 5000+ KE professionals. Learn more.

BIA: The BioIndustry Association (BIA) is the voice of the innovative life sciences and biotech industry, enabling and connecting the UK ecosystem so that businesses can start, grow and deliver world-changing innovation. Learn more.


Written by Anabel Bennett. Edited by Joseph Ferner and Alex Stockham.

Copyrights reserved unless otherwise agreed – IN-PART Publishing Ltd., 2023: ‘Surfacing the next generation of immuno-oncology research and assets for solid tumour cancers’.


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