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In this partnering event with the National Cancer Institute, the second part of our partnering events with academia Virtual Series event, we spoke with leading academics and tech transfer leads at the National Cancer Institute:

  • Dr John T. Schiller, Deputy Chief & NIH Distinguished Inventor, Laboratory of Cellular Oncology, NCI Center for Cancer Research
  • Annie Morgan, Technology Analysis and Marketing Fellow
  • Dr Joel Morris, Chief, Drug Synthesis and Chemistry Branch
  • Dr Michael Salgaller, Supervisory Technology Analysis and Marketing Specialist

The academic speakers each presented their latest technology portfolios of next-generation immuno-oncology research, as well as current opportunities for collaboration with industry partners. View the one-page summary of their technologies via this shareable PDF.

There is still time to request an introduction with our speakers via this form

NCI’s mission is to lead, conduct, and support cancer research to advance scientific knowledge and help all people live longer, healthier lives. As the leader of the National Cancer Program, and the largest funder of cancer research in the world, NCI manages a broad range of research, training, and information dissemination activities that reach across the entire country. 


Whats covered in this event? 

  • 00:00 – Introduction to IN-PART
  • 04:12 – Introduction to the NCI
  • 08:03 – Dr John T. Schiller: Harnessing anti-cytomegalovirus immunity for local immunotherapy against solid tumours
  • 18:00 – Dr Joel Morris: Complete tumour regression seen in colon cancer and leukaemia animal models with a novel high-efficacy fluorinated cytidine therapeutic compound
  • 27:15 – Additional collaboration opportunities and value proposition
  • 31:14 – Live Q&A
  • 41:30 – Closing remarks


partnering event with the National Cancer Institute - event flyer

More Information:

In a two-part event series, running alongside our latest Global Challenges campaign, we spoke with leading academics and tech transfer leads at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) and the National Cancer Institute (NCI) about their latest research and new partnering opportunities for industry. 

Some of the topics covered in this Partnering event with the National Cancer Institute included:

  • The institute’s objectives and offering as an academic partner of choice. 
  • An overview of the latest research being conducted across the institutes and active industry partnering opportunities.
  • A live audience Q&A.
  • The opportunity to be introduced to the speakers and contacts at the institute.

Format + running order overview (50 mins total) 

  • Host introduction (2-3 minutes)
  • Presentations from academic partners (10 minutes per presenter, 30 minutes in total)
  • Live Q&A with the audience (10-15 minutes)
  • Wrap-up and closing remarks (2-3 minutes)

This Partnering event with the National Cancer Institute was aimed at:

  • Industry R&D and open/external innovation teams.
  • VC firms looking to invest and partner with academic institutes.
  • Technology transfer, research commercialisation + industry engagement teams


Run in partnership with:

partnering event with the National Cancer Institute

ASTP are Europe’s premier association of knowledge transfer professionals whose work aims to improve the quality of impact that public research has on the economy and society. Learn more.

PraxisAuril are a world-leading professional association for
knowledge exchange practitioners, whose network includes 5000+ KE professionals. Learn more.

partnering event with the National Cancer Institute

Labiotech.eu provide the biotech community with current and relevant information about the life sciences industry. They hope that professionals in the industry will collaborate more effectively so they can develop better products that benefit our society. Learn more. 

BIA: The BioIndustry Association (BIA) is the voice of the innovative life sciences and biotech industry, enabling and connecting the UK ecosystem so that businesses can start, grow and deliver world-changing innovation. Learn more.

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What is IN-PART?

IN-PART develops digital solutions, curated by in-house STEM experts, that simplify the initial connection between decision-makers in academia and industry. Our goal is to help drive impact from research by matching innovation and expertise on a level playing field globally.

Connect, a digital partnering platform for university-industry collaboration.

An online matchmaking platform used by 250+ universities and research institutes to connect with industry teams in 6,000+ companies to commercialise academic innovations and expertise that are available and seeking collaboration. 

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partnering event with the National Cancer Institute

Image credit: National Cancer Institute / Unsplash license 

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