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Why did we run the webinar?

In our 2021 annual survey, we asked our global industry community, ‘what are the biggest challenges that you face in your role?’. Overwhelmingly, three key themes emerged that R&D and external innovation teams deem detrimental to their aim of commercialising novel breakthroughs and establishing academic collaborations. 

These challenges are finding the right research, expertise and opportunities that align with their company’s requirements; not having enough time to conduct thorough scouting, search and evaluation; and not having enough budget to establish new academic partnerships.

In this webinar, we illustrate how IN-PART solves these problems through our free matchmaking platform, Connect, and how they can also be solved with more precision and on larger scales through our bespoke scouting platform, Discover.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • How the key challenges for industry-academia partnerships can be solved through our online platforms
  • How to identify new opportunities perfectly aligned to your business and innovation priorities
  • How budget and time can be unlocked through scalable partnering solutions
  • Real-world examples of leading industry teams who have gained a competitive advantage through IN-PART

Who will find this webinar most useful? 

  • R&D managers and heads
  • Open/external innovation teams
  • Business development & licensing heads
  • Search and evaluation scouts

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