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In the final event of our latest Virtual Series, we spoke with experts in water research to discuss how the industry-academia community can come together to solve critical water pollution challenges.

What’s covered in this event?

  • 00:00 – Introduction to the event from IN-PART
  • 04:14 – Introduction to the panellists
  • 09:07 – What are your institutes/organisations doing to create solutions to the water pollution crisis in collaboration with industry/academia?
  • 20:20 – What are the top priorities and challenges within water pollution and wastewater treatment research that need to be addressed in the next 5 years?
  • 31:25 – How far can academia-industry partnerships go? Are there other system changes that are required (eg. policy, funding, consortia, behaviour change)
  • 44:36 – Live Q&A
  • 53:58 – Do you think water pollution can be addressed through industry/academia partnerships? 
  • 56:38 – Closing remarks

More Information:

Now in its third year, our Global Challenges programme has built on the momentum of the pandemic to mobilise the academia-industry ecosystem to address other pressing issues such as plastic waste, and now water pollution.

This online red carpet event rounds off our latest water challenge through a conversation with experts from academia and industry to establish how far partnerships can go to solve the water pollution crisis and what other system change is required to deploy effective solutions.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • Can academia-industry partnerships alone find solutions to the water pollution crisis?
  • What support is needed from the wider ecosystem to develop effective solutions?
  • What will the next five years look like for the research ecosystem?

Who should watch the recap?

  • Tech transfer, research commercialisation & industry engagement teams
  • Academic researchers
  • Industry R&D and external innovation teams

Run in partnership with:

ASTP are Europe’s premier association of knowledge transfer professionals whose work aims to improve the quality of impact that public research has on the economy and society. Learn more.

PraxisAuril is a world-leading professional association for knowledge exchange practitioners, whose network includes 5000+ KE professionals. Learn more.

Introducing the panellists…

water pollution webinar panelist - Henrik Hagemann

Henrik Hagemann, CEO, Puraffinity

In Henrik’s words “Challenging myself is my favourite activity”, which perhaps best explains how he cycled over 9000km in only 87 days and has featured in Forbes’ ’30 under 30′. Henrik co-founded Puraffinity back in 2015 and began their mission to provide 1 billion people with PFAS safe water by 2030.




water pollution webinar panellist - Jimmy Roussel

Dr Jimmy Roussel, Research Engineer, Microbiome Engineering Group, Luxembourg Insitute of Science and Technology

Dr. Jimmy Roussel obtained his PhD degree at the School of Civil Engineering, University of Birmingham. In October 2013, he successfully obtained and led an EPSRC knowledge transfer secondment project between Blue Sky Bio and University of Birmingham focussed on anaerobic digestion. After working as R&D manager at Blue Sky Bio for several years, he returned to academia, working at LIST since 2020.



water pollution webinar panelist - Raina Meier

Professor Raina M. Maier, Director, UA Superfund Research Program, University of Arizona

Raina M Maier, PhD, is a Professor of Environmental Microbiology in the Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science and Director of the University of Arizona NIEHS Superfund Research Program. She also serves as Director of the University of Arizona Center for Environmentally Sustainable Mining and as Deputy Director of the TRIF Water Sustainability Program.


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