Biotech company invIOs use Discover to build academic relationships and feed their pipeline

Biotech company invIOs recently used Discover to find lesser-known, highly innovative academic researchers working on projects addressing therapeutics and drug candidates in immuno-oncology. 

In the spring of 2022, the scouting team at InvIOs used IN-PART’s Discover platform to build their network of academic researchers and knowledge of research initiatives within universities, spinout companies and centres of excellence. They were searching for new approaches to directly target the immune system to strengthen its response against cancer, with a particular interest in small molecules and biologics that actively engage or modulate cells of the immune system to attack and destroy cancer cells. 

After a six-week campaign, invIOs were presented with a wide range of active and available proposals to review, where the academic teams had confirmed interest in collaboration. The Discover team identified and quality controlled each opportunity, streamlining the review process for invIOs and enabling them to accurately map the academic landscape within their area of interest. 

Summarising how Discover helped invIOs address their R&D requirements, Gerald Wirnsberger, Scientific Innovation Scout from invIOs said that “using IN-PART’s established vast and global network has allowed us to streamline the search process, save a lot of time, and allocate internal resources to analyses of assets.”

A total of 2,400+ contacts in universities and research institutes from 97 countries were approached on behalf of invIOs. The campaign received 96 submissions from researchers and TTOs at institutes including University of South Australia, University of Victoria, Universidad de los Andes, University of Helsinki, Johns Hopkins University and The University of Sheffield. 

The scouting team at invIOs have selected the proposals they had an interest in pursuing and are now in conversation with 10 academic teams a month after their campaign closed. These direct discussions between invIOs and the researchers have provided the company with more in-depth information on the science, project status and options for collaboration. 

Speaking about the outcomes of their campaign, Gerald said that “we have already established direct conversations with the involved persons and got quick and very positive feedback.”

And in terms of feeding these conversations into the company’s therapeutic pipeline, “it is definitely our aim to advance our pipeline with new projects or approaches and we see potential in these proposals to achieve that.”

Summarising invIOs’ experience of using Discover, Gerald said that “IN-PART provided exactly what we required at this stage of our scouting procedure, and we are extremely happy with the service provided. This is both true for the procedure and scope that could be achieved as well as the involved personnel that was highly competent, responsive, and helpful. In short – if IN-PART did not already exist, one should invent it!”

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Who are invIOs? 

invIOs is a privately held biotech company based in Vienna, that focuses on the discovery and development of innovative cancer immunotherapies.

Spun out of APEIRON Biologics in January 2022, invIOs seek to develop therapies that improve and protect the lives of cancer patients. To do this, they offer unique and highly promising new treatment options in the innovative therapy area of immuno-oncology.

Their highly motivated team has significant expertise across the entire biotechnology value chain. They are pioneers in researching and developing drug candidates in cell therapies targeting new immune checkpoints and in immunomodulation.


What is Discover?

Discover is IN-PART’s bespoke technology scouting platform that puts companies’ research and development requirements directly to a global network of academics and research commercialisation professionals in over 2,400 institutions in 97 countries, spanning 6 continents.

To learn how Discover helps leading industry teams extend their global reach and gain a competitive edge, send a message to our team who’ll reach out to share more information and set up a call.


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Image credit: CDC / Unsplash License

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