Discover Case Study: Pharma firm establishes collaborations with multiple universities to develop new treatments for AKI

An R&D-intensive pharmaceutical company has established multiple collaborations with universities across Europe and North America as a result of a successful Discover campaign. With a view to finding new academic partners to develop preventative and therapeutic treatments for acute and specific kidney injury, earlier this year the pharma firm launched an ‘Industry Calls for Opportunities’ (ICO) campaign through Discover. After receiving record levels of engagement from IN-PART’s global academic network, the company has now entered collaborations with multiple universities and research institutes that responded to the Discover ICO.

The Head of Exploratory Pharmacology and Discovery Research at the pharmaceutical company, who requested to remain anonymous until their findings are published, shared an update on the Discover campaign that they launched earlier this year:

I am very excited about this situation which the Discover team has brought to us. Thanks to Discover, we have started conversations with Johns Hopkins University, the University of Pittsburgh, and the University of California San Diego. We are about to enter into a CDA with the University of Southern California and are waiting for a draft CDA from Vanderbilt University.

As these collaborations progress, the pharma firm will take two parallel routes to commercialisation. The first will see them advance lead therapeutic and preventative candidates from academia into the drug discovery phase. The second route will involve the firm testing their proprietary compounds for kidney disease with novel models developed by academic teams. It’s hoped that these academia-industry partnerships will lead to new preventions and therapies for hospital‑acquired kidney injury, a condition present in one out of five adults admitted to hospital [1].

About IN-PART’s Discover service:

Discover is a bespoke scouting service used by corporate R&D teams to proactively engage over 1,000 universities and research institutions with their search requirements.

IN-PART’s Discover service is used by companies looking to find innovation, expertise and solutions from academia, to either increase or enhance their current services and products, or to find practical solutions to their business and research challenges. So far, Discover has been used by R&D teams in companies across a variety of disciplines, from Murata Manufacturing and leading chemical and gas companies, to global leaders in the life sciences including Bayer, UCB Pharma, Takeda, GSK Consumer Healthcare, Boehringer Ingelheim, Almirall S.A., Chiesi Pharmaceuticals.

Send a message to our Discover team to arrange an introduction.

  1. Hoste, Eric A. J. et al., Global epidemiology and outcomes of acute kidney injury. Nature Reviews Nephrology 14, 607–625 (2018);

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Written by Alex Stockham, IN-PART’s Communications Manager

Copyrights reserved unless otherwise agreed – IN-PART Publishing Ltd., 2019 – ‘Discover case study: Pharma firm establishes collaborations with multiple universities to develop new treatments for acute kidney injury’.

Header image credit: Ilya Lix / Unsplash (CC0)


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