Case Study

Mark’ennovy & City, University of London: Awaiting Patient Trials for an Innovative Contact Lens Design

Mark’ennovy Personalized Care is a Spanish firm that specialises in contact lens technology, the creators of the first UV and blue light filtering contact lens. On the day that Neil Goodenough, Director of Research and Development at Mark’ennovy, gained access to IN-PART’s matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration, he received a match to a technology developed by academics at City, University of London. Soon after, Neil was in direct contact with the Head of Technology Transfer at the university:

“I came across IN-PART on LinkedIn and through them, I have been introduced to many contact lens-related research programs in prestige European universities. A couple of these leads have led to collaboration agreements, which will hopefully result in new products. Additionally, the service keeps you up to date with the type of cutting-edge research being conducted in academia. The initiative is free, and I can’t recommend its service enough. “

Regarding the collaboration with Mark’ennovy, Carol Daniel, Senior Managing Consultant IP & Commercialisation, from City, University of London, shared that “IN-PART has provided us with a good contact at Mark’ennovy that has shown commitment to explore taking our technology further. Hopefully, pending successful patient trials, we will have a licence agreement in place, and a product launch with an innovative new contact lens design, developed here at City.”

Mark'ennovy & City, University London Case Study