Ca’ Foscari University of Venice target a wider network and benchmark technologies by quantifying industry engagement

Ca’ Foscari University of Venice is a leading centre for academic excellence in Italy with access to a global stage from its main office in the heart of the city. Through IN-PART’s matchmaking platform, technologies developed by researchers from Ca’ Foscari University have been introduced to a global network of industry R&D experts and decision-makers.

Samuela Franceschini is one of the Knowledge Transfer Managers at the university in a unit called PInK (Promoting Innovation and Knowledge) and manages the technologies they showcase on the IN-PART platform. Sharing her thoughts on the industry engagement provided by IN-PART, she said,

“Having to deal with a dedicated matchmaking platform, specifically addressed to companies worldwide, brought us to rethink the way we present our technologies and which aspects to highlight.  It’s great now to know that our technologies are being looked at from different parts of the world and to see that there’s interest in what we’re doing (as shown below in the geographic heatmap taken from our most recent Impact Report). That’s a key benefit for us, being able to show what we can do to a wider network. Because we are a small university, we didn’t have as big an audience before, but now our name is getting out there – IN-PART is a good shopping window!”

In addition to accessing IN-PART’s global R&D network, Samuela also values the data analytics on industry engagement they receive:

“The analytical tools in our University Dashboard and Impact Reports give us further insight on how our technologies are doing and the ability to assess whether we are presenting them in the right manner. Without IN-PART, we would not have the information to make such comparisons on our technologies. Being able to quantify engagement in this way is helpful when we need to make decisions about our technologies and subsequently justify them to researchers and other stakeholders.”

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You can view Ca’ Foscari University’s full technology portfolio on IN-PART.

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Written by Stephen Muddimer. Edited by Alex Stockham. Formatting by Frances Wilkinson.

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