Success Profile: University of York

The University of York utilised IN-PART’s matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration to showcase their technologies to a range of companies who were actively seeking to engage with university research. They had numerous successes, as outlined by Emma Brown, Business Development Manager at the university:

We have used IN-PART to promote technologies ranging from cancer therapies to software algorithms. Using the platform has led to a range of contacts for the University of York, with large corporates as well as SMEs and as a result we have a number of positive ongoing dialogues with companies.

“As well as the contacts the platform generates, we receive detailed Impact Reports enabling us to assess the reach of our technologies with industry. The variety of metrics provided helps us gauge the reception our University’s technologies have had on a wide range of industry, as well as providing feedback for potential future routes to market.”

“From our experience of similar platforms, IN-PART is market-leading, and having a trusted and proactive third party with links into such a wide range of engaged high-level industry contacts has been of direct benefit to our team.”

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