University of Manchester Intellectual Property: In Conversation with Multiple Pharma & Biotech Leads

The University of Manchester Intellectual Property (UMIP) utilises IN-PART’s matchmaking platform for university-industry collaboration to showcase innovation from their academics to an engaged network of companies who actively seeking new opportunities. So far, UMIP has had a number of successful interactions with world-leading companies in the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors. Dr Sonia Nikolovski, IP Development and Partnering Manager, commented about their experience with IN-PART:

In the first month of using IN-PART, we have received interest from senior R&D contacts at two world leading Pharmaceutical companies regarding one of our technologies posted. Discussions have taken place with one of the companies which will be followed by interaction with a relevant technical contact under CDA. We also have another call scheduled to discuss other collaborative research opportunities with the University of Manchester.”

“Within this time frame we also received interest from one of the world’s leading suppliers to the Pharma, Biotech and Specialty Ingredient markets, regarding another technology. I’ve provided them with non-confidential answers to their questions and we are awaiting their follow-up.”

“We’ve been impressed by the seniority and relevance of introductions we’ve received via IN-PART and the outlook for tangible benefit from these contacts looks extremely positive.”

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