Western University: Testing a diagnostic for post-injury chronic pain with industry partner

Researchers at Western University, in collaboration with a global animal health company, are working to validate a blood test that uses a new biomarker profile to accurately identify the risk of post-injury distress and chronic pain in animals, initially developed with a view to tailoring medical interventions and rehabilitation for human patients. 

The R&D team at the animal health company, who requested to remain anonymous due to competitor sensitivity, initiated contact with the business development team at Western University (WORLDiscoveries) through IN-PART’s online matchmaking platform. The company has now provided funding to the academic team at Western to test and validate their new biomarker profile using animal models from the company.

Saqib Sachani, Business Development Officer at Western University, provided an update on the collaboration:

“After our preliminary meeting, there was a clear synergy where the company was very interested in testing the technology. Through the research collaboration we established, the company provided us with the required testing samples and funding support to validate our technology in a new model system.”

“This collaboration opportunity has also opened up additional networking and partnership opportunities for other projects that may be of interest to the company, given that the university has built a reputation in its current research collaboration.”

Saqib also outlined the role that IN-PART played in initiating the collaboration:

“The introduction with [company X] provided by IN-PART was very timely and quick. The team at IN-PART played a key role in the introduction and there were frequent follow-ups to see where the project was going and what were the outcomes of the introduction.”

“We value the feedback companies using IN-PART provide for our technologies as this enables them to be advanced further at the research level and for the university to build relationships with industry partners.”


A full summary of the technology that’s the focus of this collaboration can be found on IN-PART: ‘Biomarker Profile to Predict Post-Traumatic Distress and Chronic Pain’

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Western University - IN-PART Case Study

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