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COVID-19 Call for Research: Calling all universities, institutes and researchers

23rd March 2020
COVID-19 Call for Research: Share details of your work and our team will distribute it to our global industry network
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Top 10 big data innovations for social research

18th March 2020
10 highest-performing innovations in big data and the social sciences from the outputs of 230+ universities and academic institutes from around the world that use IN-PART to establish new partnerships with industry.
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Meet the Team: Hannah Sewell, Senior Software Developer

5th March 2020
For our latest meet the team Q&A we spoke with Hannah, a senior software developer at IN-PART, about the evolution of her career that started as a scientist
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Brexit to impact university-industry collaboration - IN-PART Blog Footer

UK universities still expect Brexit to impact university-industry collaboration for life science research

17th February 2020
IN-PART's annual user survey reveals that academia and industry are split over what impact Brexit will have on university-industry collaboration
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Untapped sources of innovation

3rd February 2020
When it comes to finding the best partners for collaborative R&D, companies relying on established academic networks are missing out on overlooked sources of innovation
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Top Innovations for 2020 IN-PART Blog Header

20 Top innovations for 2020

6th January 2020
Our 20 top innovations for 2020 showcases the highest performing articles on IN-PART in 2019, based on article reads by industry R&D professionals
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Leah Nolan IN-PART - Blog Footer - University Liaison

Meet the Team Q&A: Leah Nolan, University Liaison Officer

4th December 2019
Shining a light on the people behind the platform, this series uncovers the motivations, interests and expertise of the people that make IN-PART tick
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Turning introductions into successful university-industry partnerships - IN-PART Blog - Footer image

Turning introductions into successful university-industry partnerships

29th November 2019
From an the early conversation to formalising agreements, we spoke with two tech transfer professionals to ask how they initiate new university-industry partnerships
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Commercialise research - IN-PART Blog Footer Image - Vlad Tchompalov - Unsplash

Why (and how) should academics commercialise research?

21st November 2019
Why commercialise research? In short, it can advance discovery in ways that individual academics can’t alone
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Technology transfer in New Zealand - KiwiNet Q&A - Blog Header 2

KiwiNet Q&A: Technology transfer in New Zealand

11th November 2019
To get a better understanding of technology transfer in New Zealand, we spoke with KiwiNet about their approach to collaborating with industry
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Communicating science to industry - IN-PART Blog - Blog header

Communicating science to industry: How to write an effective technology disclosure

1st November 2019
Communicating science to industry: Successful commercialisation depends on delivering all the relevant information in an engaging way
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History of University Innovation 2018 IN-PART Blog - Header Image

A brief history of university innovation

10th October 2019
From ivory towers to innovation powerhouses: Three milestones in the history of the academic third mission - A brief history of university innovation
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in-part discover FAQs

IN-PART Discover – FAQs from University Teams

11th September 2019
Answers to the most frequently asked questions by individuals at academic institutes engaging with Industry Calls for Opportunities through Discover
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Is there an appetite for global university-industry collaboration?

5th September 2019
Global university-industry collaboration is a challenge for some institutes. Others excel, but it appears industry doesn't mind where innovation comes from...
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Meet the Team Q&A: Charlotte Atherton, Senior Research Officer

3rd September 2019
Shining a light on the people behind the platform, this series uncovers the motivations of the people that make IN-PART tick.
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